“Awareness in Social Gender Equality” awards are given for the first time in Turkey

“Awareness in Social Gender Equality” awards are given for the first time in Turkey

9 names from business, arts, media and science worlds who have set their heart on social gender and women researches are selected by a public survey conducted among Altınbaş University students under leadership of TOKAMER.

Altınbaş University, Social Gender and Women Studies Research and Application Centre (TOKAMER) blazed a trail in Turkey in cooperation with ÜNSPED Customs Brokers firm. Aiming to build awareness on gender equality against increasing sexual abuse and harassment events, TOKAMER determined the leading names having studies thereon by a public survey conducted among students. 5 thousand 600 university studies voted among 30 names selected from business, arts, media and science worlds. Awareness in Social Gender Equality Awards are presented to 9 leading names conducting social responsibility projects in gender equality field between 2017 and 2018 years in a prize-giving ceremony organized on Wednesday, March 7th


TÜSİAD President Erol Bilecik, deemed worthy of this award due to his decisions emphasizing on gender equality issue by replacing the word “businessman” with the word “businessperson”, sent the following message to the audience in the ceremony: “Though we are not physically together now, it is beyond price for me to share with you the excitement of March 8 World Women’s Day. We have a net and brief message to you in connection with this subject: We cannot fly to the future with a single wing. We see the equality of women and men as an indispensable condition precedent of democratic development, comprehensive growth and sustainable development in our country. I believe that a country where both women and men can use and realize their potentials can fly very quickly to its goals in all categories in economic, social and democratic terms. I have endless belief that each individual and each entity can make great contributions to this transformation by butterfly effect starting from its own spheres of influence.”

Deemed worthy of this award due to her violence against women interviews, Journalist Ayşe Arman sent the following message: “I am deemed worthy of the Distinguished Names in Social Gender Equality Award with votes of 5 thousand 600 hundred students. Wonderful news for me! You made me very happy. Thanks. May you live long! I love all of you very much.”

Deemed worthy of this award due to his exemplary judgment regarding child abuse in “Teacher Saadet” case, Judge Süleyman Mutlu said: “To be awarded is a very nice feeling, but of course it is upsetting to be awarded for such an event.”

Journalist Gülden Aydın, deemed worthy of this award due to her article series on war zones, refugee women and violence against women, said that she has given a lot of news about violence against children and women and about sexual abuse throughout her professional career, and added: “If I, as a journalist and a woman, have ever had a hand in and contributed a small share to creation of social awareness on gender equality, what else can make me more happy? And the award given by you is one of the most valuable awards of my professional life.”

Another name deemed worthy of this award in the prize-giving ceremony was Canan Güllü, President of Federation of Women’s Associations of Turkey, having initiatives in civil society for assuring social gender equality and preventing violence against women. In her message, “At the first stage of my efforts during the process, when I have applied for membership to a non-governmental organization, I was not accepted due to being too young. Now, after 28 years, words fail for me to explain to which extent this price given to me by votes of you, the youth, is valuable for me,” said Güllü.


Taking invitations and prizes from all over the world due to her discovery of the microbe causing osteoarthritis and named as nanobacteria and at the same time being the first Turkish Science Woman working in NASA since 2.5 years, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neva Çiftçioğlu Banes received a standing ovation in the ceremony hall with her message. In her message, Neva Çiftçioğlu Banes expressed her proudness of being among the names deemed worthy of this award given for the first time in Turkey, and continued to say: “I am now at a distance of 11 thousand km from you. Though what closes the far distances seems to be technology, I believe that the single factor surpassing the distances is the ties of affection. When the social gender equality issue is put on the agenda, generally the problems faced in our country are mentioned. I am living abroad since 25 years. And during this time, I have had the opportunity to visit many countries. I was lost in amazement in many events of women and men inequality I have witnessed in both Europe and USA. However, our country has already managed to resolve the women and men inequality problem in 1930s thanks to our great leader Atatürk. The fundamental ongoing problem is the difficulties in offering education and economic freedom opportunities to the mothers of tomorrow. Each us must take charge in this issue. We must start change from ourselves.”

In the ceremony, prizes are given also to Mert Fırat, actor and UN Goodwill Ambassador, due to his emphasis given to women in development as the UN Development Project Turkey Goodwill Ambassador, and to Sümeyye Erdoğan Bayraktar and Assoc. Prof. Dr. E. Sare Aydın Yılmaz due to their foundation of Women and Democracy Foundation (KADEM) and organization throughout Turkey and keeping the women rights issue on the agenda through meetings, seminars and conferences. And honour award is given to Prof. Dr. Yıldız Ecevit in the ceremony.

Source: Hürriyet