7 women entrepreneurs giving inspiration with their stories

7 women entrepreneurs giving inspiration with their stories

If you wish to establish your own business, but cannot find adequate motivation, you have to take a glance at stories of 8 women, one more successful than the other, ready to give inspiration to you with their enterprises.

Participation of women in labour force is one of the most important factors indicating the level of development of a society. Both in our country and in the world, various different incentive and education programs are applied in order to enable women to realize and implement especially their new ideas. And number of examples providing motivation to women wishing to move on this way is a lot indeed.

Buse Berber Örçen

Örçen started biology education in order to find a solution for the problem of very fast adulteration of foods, thus pursuing her ideas and having her name written in the board of pride of the Turkish women. So as to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, Örçen established a study institute named Nanomik in the year 2014. Then, the successful scientist created a formula named Myco – X, thereby generating both organic and long-life foods, and took out patent of her project. 

Louise Blanchard Bethune

Louise Blanchard Bethune is one of the successful women entrepreneurs of the past and is named among the first women architects of the world. She has put her signature under many buildings and structures under the name of Bethune & Fuchs, the most famous architectural designing company of first USA and then the whole world.

Başak Süer

Founding one of the most preferred 20 online applications on AppStore with her venture ensuring transfer of unused goods and belongings to charity organizations, Başak Süer attained a very important success by obtaining contributions worth more than monetary donations. You may offer as a donation any one of your household goods by entering the application of Süer. 

Aslı Elif Tanuğur

Turkish science woman and entrepreneur Tanuğur has originally started to work in order to solve the immunity disorder of her own son. After obtaining a novel product by using propolis and royal jelly ingredients and preparing her product for consumption for the first time in Turkey, Tanuğur founded her own company for production of her novel product.

Ruth Handler

Handler, inventor of Barbie dolls, has taken her own daughter Barbara as her source of inspiration. Having fought breast cancer and many other disorders and sickness throughout her life, Handler has further founded a company manufacturing prostheses for women.

Coco Chanel

After selling only hats in her first store, Coco Chanel has worked hard in order to become a giant in cosmetic sector. Later, this famous entrepreneur produced a perfume named after herself and attained a great success all over the world.

Olive Ann Beech

Being the first woman owning an aircraft company on the world, Beech has manufactured more than 7 thousand aeroplanes for the American army. Beech succeeded to reach such an important level starting from building model planes.